1 „Gefällt mir“

Sah sehr gut aus, aber Vampire. Ich weiss noch nicht.

Ja sah super aus, aber wohl nur spaßig im koop.

Das Spiel ist scheinbar schon seit 2017 in Entwicklung

Mögliche Leaks:

All the things the leaker said about Redfall:

  • Its got a very „modern gothic“ tone overall. Horror-inspired but not a horror game in and of itself. If you’re familiar with Vampire: The Masquerade, imagine that, but Vampires have taken over the modern-day environments openly.

-A core story taking you across the world, but also a myriad of side arcs, missions, and fights.

  • Gameplay style/loop is very similar to Borderlands

  • Seamless openworld compared to the likes of BoTw and Ghost of Tsushima

-Can be played solo or co-op

  • 6 Playable characters to chose from

-Each character has a unique hero ability

-One character had a bird that acted as a sort-of drone, and the other could cloak for added stealth. Another character had something similar to a shadow hop or other short-range teleport move (Blink ability in Dishonored)

-Game can be tackled stealth or guns blazing

-Get XP from killing enemies and doing missions (theres side missions)

-There are bossfights in the game similar to bosses of Borderlands

-Size of the map is similar in scope to Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima

-Mix of traditional weapons like rifles and handguns, and also more unique stuff like a Stake Launcher.

-Enemies are a dynamic mix of ranged, melee, vampire, and human.

  • There are NPCs, but not AI partners replacing human co-op like in Left 4 Dead. Closer to Borderlands or Assassin’s Creed NPCs.

  • The game is far closer to Borderlands than Left 4 Dead. Imagine BotW-style map with Borderlands gameplay, and Arkane Games-style Hero abilities.

  • A single large worldspace with locations containing main quest events, random enemy encounters, side quest chains, and one-off missions. There are fast travel points dotted around the map, as well as „safehouses“ that are similar to the rest areas with health and ammo vending machines in Borderlands.

The pictures were taken down and the leaker’s account deleted. The leak seems very legit.

1 „Gefällt mir“

Hmm… ich hoff mal sie meinen das Gunplay von Borderlands und nicht den Loot Part… das is nämlich der Grund wieso ich Borderlands nicht mag…

Ansonsten klingts aber echt interessant und gut. :slight_smile: