EVERCADE - Ein neuer Retro-Handheld

“A brand new handheld console with unique multi-game retro cartridges from leading games publishers and console platforms”

Q. Will you have major publishers on board?
A. Yes – we already have several publishers on board. We will be announcing 3 this month – including one classic platform holder (with more to come).

Q. What software/emulation are you using?
A. Where possible, we are working directly with the original software/emulator developers to support them for their hard work and also to ensure their emulation is accurately reflected on our hardware – to deliver the best possible experience for you. We will aim to share more information on this as we reveal more about the console.

Q. What will the game selection be like?
A. Our focus has been quality and not quantity. While other retro platforms might be ‘boasting’ thousands of games, we have focused on signing major licenses – games which you will be excited to play (and own!). All killer – No filler.

Q. Do I need an internet connection?
A. No. Our system has been designed with ‘old school’ in mind. No school like old school. Everything you need is provided either on the console or the cartridges themselves. This guarantees no lag (and we all know how serious of an issue lag is for some of those classic retro games! milliseconds count!). No ‘loss of connection’. No setup. No signal black-spots. Play anywhere – anytime.

Q. Why did you develop this?
A. We’re retro gamers. We’re a team of passionate gamers who want to create a single platform for retro gamers to enjoy their favourite games. We haven’t developed this because we ‘saw a gap in a market’. This is a project being developed with passion.

Q. When will it be available?
A. 2019. We will announce our launch time frame this month!

Q. How will it connect to a TV?

Q. Will I be able to save my progress?
A. Yes! Most games will be able to take advantage of ‘save states’ – snapshots of exactly where you are in the game at any point – and then load instantly!

Q. Can I add my own games?
A. We want to create the ultimate retro gaming experience. To do this, we need to work with major license holders and we have to protect their IP. However, we are also considering a publicly available development cartridge with SD card access, for development and testing purposes.

Q. How big is the screen?
4.3″ – (same as the PSP for reference)

Q. Will I be able to change the screen ratio?
A. Yes – there will be a range of options to select from

Q. How is it powered?
USB re-chargeable battery – with 4-5 hours of solid game play on the battery alone. You can also play and charge if you want to play for as long as you can stay awake!

Q. What generation games will you support?
A. Our console will play games from the most popular consoles of the 8bit and 16bit era

Q. Can I use headphones?
A. Yes, the console has stereo speakers as well as a 3.5mm (take that, Apple!) headphone slot

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Nice, das hört sich spannend an.

Bin neugierig welche Titel(abgesehen vom VCS) erscheinen und wie die Hardwarespecs aussehen werden.

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Der Preis dürfte auch passen. Ca 70,- euro mit einem modul und 100 mit 3 Modulen, wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe.

Die erste Cartridge mit 20 Spielen ist nun bekannt. Bitte Trommelwirbel: Es sind alte Atari Klassiker vom 2600 und 7800

Das scheint schon etwas interessanter zu werden. Earthworm Jim und Battle Chess sind zwei gute Spiele.

Hier kenne ich nur Joe&Mac 2. War damals ein witziger Action Platformer.
Noch ein paar mehr solcher Cartridges und es könnte doch noch interessant werden.

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Boogerman… das wär was für meine Kids :wink:

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Also ich finde dieses Publisher-Bundle-Konzept recht cool, eigentlich! Ich werd mir das Teil auf jeden Fall zulegen, sobald es erhältlich ist.

Wenn du das Teil mal angezockt hast bin ich auf dein Review gespannt. Die Idee mit den Publisher Bundles findet ich interessant. Da ja auch Konami auf den Trichter gekommen ist zum Beispiel bei Contar eine Kollektion raus zu bringen.

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Sobald das Teil erschienen ist, wirds sicher einen Bericht dazu auf meinem neuen YouTube Kanal geben :slight_smile:

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morgen dürfts irgendeinen live-stream/trailer reveal (?) geben:

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Ich dachte, ich mach mal ein Live-Video zur heutigen Trailer-Reveal, falls da was Supertolles angekündigt wird. Leider wars wirklich nur der Announcement Trailer. Egal, ich hab trotzdem ein kurzes (und vor allem sehr spontanes) Video dazu veröffentlicht :slight_smile:

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Gerät kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden und ist ab 20.03.2020 erhältlich.

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