Outbuddies (PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox One)

Publisher Headup Games and developer Julian Laufer have announced Outbuddies, a “dual-hero Metroidvania” coming to PC via Steam in Q3 2019, followed by PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2020.

  • Explore an open vibrant fantasy world
  • Real Metroidvania gameplay with lots of gear, puzzles and Easter eggs
  • Unique dual-hero scheme
  • Local Co-Op support
  • Epic boss battles & believable enemy AIs
  • Intriguing narrative & memorable characters
  • High freedom of movement @ 60 FPS
  • Handcrafted pixel art with distortion-free scaling to your native display resolution
  • PC supports various input devices & key rebinding
  • Original soundtrack by OGRE music

Offizielle Webseite: https://www.outbuddies.com
Quelle: https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dual-hero-metroidvania-outbuddies-announced-for-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782146531/outbuddies

Ich mag Cave Story, Axiom Verge war mir etwas zu steril; wenn Outbuddies dann noch ein gutes Metroidvania wäre, würde mich das freuen. Mit der CoOp Möglichkeit umso mehr.