Golf Story - Switch


Diese Woche auf der Switch erschienen (fast stealth release) und scheint die nächste grosse Indie Sensation zu sein wie Stardew Valley (hab ich nie gespielt).


Golf Spiel RPG mit life-sim Elementen und bisher sind alle extrem begeistert. Da schau ich nach Cuphead auch einmal rein.

Spielt es echt niemand?
Bisschen Werbung für das Spiel, hier noch Reviews:

Nintendo Life: 9/10

Golf Story is a surprisingly gripping game, hooking you with fantastic gameplay, loads of content, and a well-written script. This is one that’ll have you coming back for many hours in the story mode alone, and the multiplayer does a good job of expanding on this with even more replayability. We would highly recommend Golf Story to anyone looking for something a little different. There’s a whole lot to love here, and if you’re a fan of RPGs or golf games, this is a must buy.
Game Informer: 9/10

Yes, this is just a golf game at its core, but Golf Story makes you care about the characters and their world just as much as sinking a do-or-die putt. Part of its charm is keeping you off kilter, forcing you to hit a 300-yard drive with pinpoint precision one second, then solve a murder mystery the next. A continual delight to play, Golf Story is a breath of fresh air for sports, and another fun story to follow for role-playing fanatics.
Nintendo Wire: 9/10

When I first saw Golf Story I was intrigued and excited, but also slightly skeptical. After all, a narrative-driven golf RPG is a pretty odd premise that’d be hard to pull off without the right sort of affection. Sidebar nails it, making one of the most enjoyable adventures I’ve had in a long while that manages to outshine most of Nintendo’s own comedic RPG output in recent years. If you have a Switch and want a game that offers not only a fun narrative, but pristine and precise gameplay, Golf Story is a hole-in-one you can’t miss.
Vandal: 8.5/10

Cheap, charming, long, fun… Golf Story is a very positive surprise, and if you’re looking for something different on Switch, we think you should try this.
Nintendo World Report: 7.5/10

Golf Story doesn’t totally live up to the legacy of those Mario sports RPGs, but it does a very good job at touching on those classics and putting its own spin on the genre. A few nagging issues might draw down the experience, but the golfing is fun enough to work in tandem with a wacky story and world to make a genuinely enjoyable adventure on Switch.
Eurogamer: No Score

The world itself is a delight to discover, tied together with cartoon logic and a love for the links, full of haunted groves and blissed-out beaches, and all rendered in Super NES style. It’s an aesthetic that isn’t entirely original; its loungey soundtrack, while perfectly listenable, has the insubstantial wispiness of library music, and there’s something of the stock image in its 16-bit-style characterisations. They’re easy shorthands, though, and as an appropriation in part of the great Earthbound, Golf Story at least goes beyond the pixels and works towards aping some of the heart and soul of Shigesato Itoi and HAL Laboratory’s masterpiece. Golf Story is a goofy game, but one with the same gentle humour and human warmth of that all-time great.

Selbstverständlich spielt das Spiel jemand, nämlich ich. Und das seit Release.

Bin jetzt in Lurker Valley und hänge ein bisschen, weil ich nicht weiß, was ich machen soll. Hätte gerne ein Lösungsbuch, weil dich das Spiel jetzt nicht unbedingt fest an der Hand nimmt.

Weiß vielleicht jemand, wo ich so etwas herbekomme? Oder wo ich im Internet an Walkthroughs komme? Youtube und die einschlägigen Seiten bieten derweil noch nicht viel in dieser Hinsicht.

2 „Gefällt mir“

Ich denke ich weiss wo du hängst. Du hast das Artefakt noch nicht gefunden, oder? Falls du dort bist, wechsle mit dem “D-Pad” den Schläger auf rechts und lauf zum Archeologen.

Cool, danke. Ich glaub, da häng ich wirklich. Werds heute noch ausprobieren! :slight_smile:

schaut witzig aus. erinnert mich irgendwie auch an sim golf.
sind ports für andere systeme in sicht?