FPS: First Person Shooter (Doku, 2023)

Check out the trailer for FPS: First Person Shooter, an upcoming documentary celebrating the FPS genre of games. The documentary features interviews with developers who created iconic FPS games and industry experts, including John Romero (co-founder of id Software), Seamus Blackley (programmer, Ultima Underworld/System Shock), John Carmack (co-founder of id Software), Warren Spector (director of Deus Ex), Cliff Bleszinski (co-creator Unreal and Unreal Tournament), and more.

Pre-orders of FPS: First Person Shooter are available now until August 1st. Digital editions of the documentary will be distributed in August, and physical editions will ship in September.

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Würde ich mir anschauen, wenn es im Streaming Dienst der Wahl mal verfügbar dann ist. Kaufen wohl eher nicht. Aber danke für den Tipp an sich!

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